This year at St Michael’s we decided to "do" harvest differently. Instead of foodstuffs we collected a wide range of toiletries for a number of local charities for the homeless. The church was packed out for this celebration as parishioners joined by the uniformed organisations and other visitors came and played their part. So many people gave generously and thoughtfully and perhaps it made us think anew about the gifts that God gives us that we in turn can use to bless others.
The following number of items were collected:
Bars of Soap                85
Tooth Brushes             63
Bottles of Bubble Bath   8
Bottles of Shampoo     39
Combs                        12
Body Spray                 16
Shower Gel                 35
Toothpaste Tubes        32
TOTAL ITEMS            290

In addition to these were various other items eg razors, shaving foam, sponges and items for use with babies and children.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event. Please pray that God will use these gifts to bless all who receive them.