Renewing St Michaels project 

We will be out and about on Paulsgrove Carnival Day, June 23rd with some ‘goodies’ to give away and lots of information to share with you about this exciting project.


St Michaels is very proud to have been awarded lottery funding

Did you Know, St Michael’s Church in Paulsgrove has been awarded more than £400,000 from the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Buildings Fund to create warm, welcoming spaces within its existing church building. WOO HOO and what an amazing gift for all in the community.

The award came as a result of a three year engagement programme around the ‘proud to be pauslgrove’ campaign.The money will be spent renewing the church to create community areas for weddings, parties and family activities as well as funding enterprising projects to positively support the local community. The renewed spaces will be warm, welcoming and somewhere people will want to go for the important things in their lives. This will be funding for the whole community.

St Michael’s vicar, Father Ian Newton, who led the bid, said, ‘We’re truly delighted to be receiving this fantastic award.  At St Michael’s we have been working hard to engage with local people and families, where children and celebration have been recurring themes in our shared conversations. With the support that has been generously offered to us we are looking forward to the future and working with as many people as possible to make our shared vision a reality as we seek to renew St Michael’s for the 21st century.

Students from Portsmouth School of Architecture have been involved throughout the project and we look forward to future collaborations.

Example artwork from Portsmouth University School of Architecture highlighting renewal ideas:




For further information please view the press release from Diocese of Portsmouth :