It is always a privilege to be here for people in the darkest and most difficult times. In the event of a death we would like to offer you our help to mark the death of your loved one and celebrate their life in a service at St Michael’s. If you would like to know more you can contact us directly on 023 9237 8194 or you can instruct your funeral director to contact us on your behalf.


Did you know….

  • The Church of England offers to provide a funeral service for anyone who lives in the parish. Yes, that’s whether you ( or your relative who has died) reckon you believe or not, never come to church, come occasionally or are a regular. It’s part of our calling as the state or established church to be the church for all people whether they count themselves as members or not.
  • Church of England funerals do not have to be the same, there are some common elements, but there is always room for a service to contain things which are personal and important to your family and their deceased relative.
  • We are always happy to sit with you and your family members and talk about ways we might make the service a fitting tribute.
  • If you are planning to hold a service at a cemetery, chapel or crematorium there are many options available to you and should you wish to have the service conducted by a member of the Church of England clergy or one of our Licensed lay ministers we can offer this too and it would be our privilege to be involved.
  • Remember, if a funeral director asks if you’re ‘religious’ saying ‘no’ does not stop you from having a funeral with us.

And, because we are local, we are still here after the funeral service is over. If you think it would help, we would like to offer you our on-going support for any member of the family, this is often particularly reassuring where a family member lives locally and the rest of the family at a distance.

Don’t need our services yet?

If you just want to talk through some funeral wishes, we can sit and talk with you. Some people may see this as ‘morbid’ or ‘tempting fate’. We prefer to see it as giving your family the opportunity of knowing that they are carrying out your wishes and removing from them the worry about getting it wrong. This service is at no charge, just something we are happy to do for you.

If you have any questions about how St Michael’s can help you when a loved one dies, do ask your funeral director to contact us – or you can speak directly with the vicar Fr Ian on 023 9237 8194